Aquarium management made easy.
Poster design for the Los Angeles-based alternative rock band.
An unofficial rebrand.
An "alco-energy" drink.
An interview with the professional skateboarder.
Addressing urban food insecurity.
Natural and hand-crafted soaps.
Fun retro games anytime, anywhere.

Urban food insecurity is defined as the lack of affordable and healthy food. Mississippi is the number one state in food insecurity. I designed a poster for the Fertile Ground Project bringing awareness to the food insecurity affecting Jackson, Mississippi. This poster includes 3D models and textures, and is in reference to the popular board game Monopoly. Monopoly is a game with no strategy involved, fate is determined through the 1 in 6 odds from a dice roll. Urban food insecurity affects 1 out of 6 people, the metal human piece on the board representing the affected person and each tile representing a struggle an affected person goes through.

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