Hey there! 😁

I'm Vick Jackson and I am a graphic designer who loves to experiment and discover new things. I enjoy doing branding, UI/UX design, 3D modeling, illustrations, and am willing to get my hands dirty by using different techniques or medias. My philosophy centers around finding creative and innovative solutions to projects. Some of my hobbies include twisting my hair, biking, and watching Netflix. If I’m not working on a project you can most likely find me shooting some photography, spinning records, playing with my cats Grae and Grau, or trying to find the remote I'm sitting on. Click here for a playlist I think you'd love! Click for my resume here.

UI/UX Design

I do whatever it takes to find an approach to solving problems when it comes to user experience.

Branding & Identity

I love to design in a variety of formats while remaining detail-oriented.


I love to illustrate and incorporate analog elements into my compositions. I am intermediate in 3D modeling and am always trying something new whether it's for a project or personal work.

Endless Corny Jokes

What do you call someone with no nose and no body?

Nobody nose.